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Shoe Ribbons, Elastics
Dance Accessories - Shoe Ribbon & Elastic
Only the best, from the best!

Pre-cut ribbon to match your pointe shoes, elastic to match your preferences, bulk ribbon and elastic to save you $$$, and anti-tendonitis ribbons to keep you healthy.
Plus, mesh & 'invisible' elastics that nearly disappear.

Pre-cut Pointe and Ballet Shoe Ribbons and Elastics   - sized to fit 1 pair of shoes
Ribbons Item# Retail Your Price
Bloch Ribbon, 7/8-inch x 2-1/2 yards BL702$5.00$4.00
Freed Ribbon, 1-inch x 2-1/2 yards FR702$5.00$4.00
Grishko Ribbon, 2-1/2 yards GR702$5.00$4.00

Pink Elastics
3/4-inch Elastic, 3/4-inch x 16 inches, Freed Pink FR6034$1.00$0.50
1-inch Elastic, 1-inch x 16 inches, Bloch Euro-Pink BL6100$1.00$0.50

Black or White Elastics - please specify color when ordering
3/8-inch Elastic, 3/8-inch x 16 inches PS6038$1.00$0.50
1/2-inch Elastic, 1/2-inch x 16 inches PS6012$1.00$0.50
3/4-inch Elastic, 1/2-inch x 16 inches PS6034$1.00$0.50
1-inch Elastic, 1/2-inch x 16 inches PS6100$1.00$0.50

By-the-Roll Ribbon and Elastic Item# Retail Your Price
Bloch Ribbon, 7/8-inch x 55-yard Roll
    (makes 22 ribbons at 2-1/2 yards long)
($2.33 ea)
Freed Ribbon, 1-inch x 54-yard Roll
    (makes 21 ribbons at 2-1/2 yards long)
($3.28 ea)

Pink Elastic
1/2-inch Elastic, Bloch Euro-Pink, 144-yard Roll
    (makes 324 elastics at 16 inches long)
($0.30 ea)
1-inch Elastic, Bloch Euro-Pink, 36-yard Roll
    (makes 81 elastics at 16 inches long)
($0.40 ea)
3/4-inch Elastic, Freed Pink, 36-yard Roll
    (makes 81 elastics at 16 inches long)
($0.36 ea)

For Black or White Elastic by-the-roll,
see the Tutu.Com General Notions page ...

Tutu.Com's TenduRibnz Pointe Support Ribbons
Tutu.Com's TenduRibnz™ Pointe Support Ribbons
A new and innovative design in Pointe Support/Anti-Tendonitis Ribbons. Great for beginners, professionals, those coming back from injury, and everyone else who wants or needs a little extra support.

Several common problems – one simple solution! Ward off Achilles Tendonitis. Give your ankles extra support. Reduce leg and ankle fatigue. Keep your ribbons from “bagging”. Smooth the transition onto pointe. TenduRibnz™ will flex when your ankles swell. Made from highest-quality professional ribbon and elastic, one set of TenduRibnz™ per pair of pointe shoes.

Item# TC703Retail: $5.50Your Price: $4.40
Item# TC703-12 - 12-pack   (only $3.85 each!)Retail: $66.00Your Price: $46.20

Bunheads Flexers
Bunheads Flexers
Flexers are designed to help alleviate the pressure that leads to Achilles' Tendonitis. They are snug and secure, yet stretch with the movement of the ankle. They enable the dancer to rise from plié, through demi-pointe and onto pointe with minimal constriction and no bagginess.
Available in 2 colors, Professional Pink and Light Professional Pink, and in 2 versions, Rehearsal and Performance. The Rehearsal version is a 7/8-inch single-face satin ribbon, the Performance version is a 7/8-inch double-face matte satin ribbon. 4 Flexer ribbons per set.
Item# BH310PP - Rehearsal, Prof PinkRetail: $5.50Your Price: $4.40
Item# BH310LPP - Rehearsal, Lt Prof PinkRetail: $5.50Your Price: $4.40
Item# BH330PP - Performance, Prof PinkRetail: $6.50Your Price: $5.20
Item# BH330LPP - Performance, Lt Prof PinkRetail: $6.50Your Price: $5.20

Bloch Elasto-Ribbon
Bloch Elasto-Ribbon
Anti-Tendonitis Ribbons - ribbon and elastic sewn together to stretch across the Achilles tendon and help reduce Achilles Tendonitis
Item# BL703Retail: $4.90Your Price: $3.95

Prima Soft Extension Ribbon
Prima Soft Extension S-t-r-e-t-c-h Ribbon
Anti-Tendonitis Ribbons - S-T-R-E-T-C-H ribbon to increase your range of motion and heel release, and reduce tendon trauma with gentle stretch support. For beginning pointe thru professional level dancers.
Item# PRSR703  -  OriginalRetail: $5.50Your Price: $4.40
Item# PRSR703XS  -  Extra SupportRetail: $6.00Your Price: $4.80

Freed Mesh Elastic
Freed Mesh Elastic
Replace your old 'heavy' elastics with this light-weight 'invisible' elastic from Freed. Extremely light pink, 'disappears' against shoes, ribbons, skin. 1-inch wide. Costumer's Tip: works great for shoulder straps!
Item# FR703 - precut 20-inches longRetail: $4.00Your Price: $3.20
Item# FRB703-ROLL - 22-yard / 20-meter roll Your Price: $48.00

Gaynor Minden Invisible Elastic
Gaynor Minden Invisible Elastic
Stretchy, lace-like material that virtually disappears against tights and shoes - very 'European'. 1-inch wide by 30-inches long, ample for 2 pairs.
Item# GM703Retail: $3.50Your Price: $2.80

Note: prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
Our dancewear prices are discounted 15% to 35% below retail, everyday.

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