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Costuming fabrics in a huge variety of types and a rainbow of colors
Tutu net, tulles, horsehair net, more...
Bengalines and waterfailles
Linings and tutu-panty fabrics
Chiffons, crepes, georgettes, silk and poly, stretch, more...
Organzas, plain and sparkle, more...
Spandex (Elastane, LYCRA), fishnet, milliskin, moleskin, more...
Mirror cloth, buckram, more...

Lining Fabrics & Tutu-Panty Fabrics

This page lists our selections of first-quality top lining fabrics, and tutu-panty fabrics, including Coutil, Powernet, Polyester Net, imported Bobbinette, and more, in a rainbow of colors.

Fabric Sample Cards are listed on the Main Fabrics page.

Please be sure of the amount and color you need when you order.
Once cut, it's yours, and cannot be returned.

Special Shipping Note for All Fabric Customers
Our shipping rates are 'close estimates' only, and are based on order-value. We may recalculate your actual shipping costs as necessary depending on the amount of fabric you order, the package weight and size, and the destination of your order. For instance, Coutil weighs nearly 1 pound per yard, so even 2 yards will have a higher shipping cost than our 'standard' shipping-rate.

'By-the-Bolt' Shipping Notes for International (non-USA) Customers
If you are ordering any of our fabrics 'By-the-Bolt', your shipping options may be somewhat limited. For all non-USA destinations, the USPS imposes package-size and weight restrictions, and other carriers may impose other restrictions. You should contact us for shipping options, estimated cost, and limitations.

For many non-USA destinations, it may actually be less expensive to order 'by the yard', at the 'per yard' price. But please note, the fabric will simply be folded into a box, as neatly as possible. For some destinations, we may have to cut the fabric into more than 1 piece, and ship in more than 1 box.

Coutil - Domestic (USA)
60- to 63-inch width, medium-weight, 100% cotton.
Herringbone weave, used for bodice and corset lining. Very high quality, made in the USA.
We have found that domestic (USA) coutil is better suited for ballet bodices than the imported variety. The domestic fabric has some 'give' to it, allowing for 'breathing room'.
Minimum Order: 1/2-yard, any one color
White, per yard $12.90
Black, per yard $17.50
Ordering more than 5 yards? Please note that coutil orders are cut into pieces of not more than 5 yards (ie, if you order 15 yards, we will cut 3 pieces of 5 yards each).
Available in Black, White only

Coutil By-the-Bolt - serious savings!
Rolled-on-Tube, full-width
100-yard bolts, +/- 10 yards (actual bolt length may range from 90 to 110 yards).
Full bolts only, allow an additional 2 weeks for delivery.
We have no control over the actual bolt length - depends on what the mill ships us.
And NO, we will NOT alter the length of the bolt as shipped to us.
White, by-the-bolt $9.34 per yard  -  ($934.00 per 100-yard bolt)
(range example: 90-yards = $841, 110-yards = $1028)
Black, by-the-bolt $12.74 per yard  -  ($1274.00 per 100-yard bolt)
(range example: 90-yards = $1165, 110-yards = $1402)
Shipping Notes - Please Read:
Coutil weighs nearly 1-pound per yard! A 100-yard bolt weighs 85-90 pounds.
Bolts are shipped rolled-on-tube, full-width (size is approx 62in x 9in x 9in). Bolts are wrapped in several layers of heavy-duty plastic, and heavily taped.
Regardless, you should expect some possible minor damage to the ends and/or outer layer (but not enough to affect use).
As of November 2012, UPS Ground
  to nearby Virginia is approximately $70;
  to across-the-country California is approximately $110;
  but to across-the-country Alaska & Hawaii is approximately $325 !!
International: As of November 2012, UPS Ground to Victoria BC (Canada) is approximately $125, but shipping to other continents is very expensive (several hundred dollars).
The shipping rates stated above are estimated examples only, as of November 2012. Your actual shipping cost will definitely be different. Shipping charges may change at any time.
Paying by Paypal, check, or money-order? We highly suggest you contact us for pricing before you send or mail your payment.

Cotton Bobbinette (Imported English)
38- to 41-inch width, 100% cotton.
Excellent for tutu panties, it's the industry standard!
Dyes very well, but you should expect 30% to 40% shrinkage.
Minimum Order: 1/2-yard, any one color
per yard $39.10
Available in Black, Old English (Lt Ivory), White only

Perfect for tutu panty's! Slightly stretchy, dyes very well. Nylon.
Minimum Order: 1/2-yard, any one color
Medium-Weight Powernet:
Black, medium-weight, 48-inch width, per yard $13.80
Light Pink, medium-weight, 48-inch width, per yard $14.80
Nude (beige), medium-weight, 48-inch width, per yard $13.80
White, medium-weight, 48-inch width, per yard $13.80
Heavy-Weight Powernet:
Black, heavy-weight, 48-inch width, per yard $15.90
Light Pink, heavy-weight, 36-inch width, per yard $11.70
Nude (beige), heavy-weight, 48-inch width, per yard $13.80
White, heavy-weight, 36-inch width, per yard $10.70

Polyester Net (Light-Weight)
60-inch width, 100% polyester.
Excellent for tutu panties - slightly stretchy, very strong.
Dyes well to light colors.
Minimum Order: 1 yard
per yard $4.75
per 50-yard Bolt ($3.80 per yard) $190.00
Available in White only

Other Lining Type Fabrics
Stretch Mesh (Micro-Mesh, 'Nude' Mesh), is listed on the Stretch Fabrics page
Body Stretch, is listed on the Stretch Fabrics page
Leotard Lining (Stretch Lining, Micro-Liner), is listed on the Stretch Fabrics page

Our access to many of the largest New York, North Carolina, Los Angeles, and European fabric mills, houses, and importers allows us to order from a wide-ranging selection, and we are always adding new and exciting variations to our inventory.

So, give us a call if you're looking for a costuming fabric or a color you don't see on these pages - if we don't have it, we can usually find it for you pretty quick. (Minimum order amounts will depend on the fabric and the mill, and may range from a few yards to a full bolt.)

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