Tutu.Com offers a wide variety of books, instructions and patterns to help with your costuming needs.

Many of our professional instructions include a pattern in your choice of size as well as step by step instructions from our professional costume makers and designers. These are the same instructions and patterns utilized in our TutuSchools International Costuming Seminars.

These detailed instructions are essential for any seamstress learning how to construct tutu bases, bodices, dresses, skirts, headpieces, tiaras and leotards as well as men's costumes such as tights, tunics and boot tops.

Consider saving time and money with Tutu.com Costume or Headpiece Kits which include instructions, pattern(s) and materials needed to create your masterpiece!  

This is a great choice both for the beginning costumer who is not yet sure of what to buy, as well as for the seasoned professional who does not have the time to shop and figure out exactly how much of each fabric they need.