Tutu.com Classical Tutu Basque CalculatorCalculating basque measurements just got easier, thanks to TutuSchool graduate, Emily Raynor, of Aiken Civic Ballet in Aiken, SC!

She created an ingenious spreadsheet aka "Basque Calculator" that does all the basque calculations for you. All you have to do is plug in the waist and high hip measurement. Try it! 

Works great in conjunction with our Instructions for making a Basque Pattern for a Classical or Romantic Tutu.

No more struggling to make the basque you made in class work for everyone. Now you can quickly and easily do the basic calculations to make the perfect-sized basque every time for each of your dancers/clients.

You will still need to draw a rectangle and put in the darts, then fit the basque, but it should go much faster and smoother now. Thanks for sharing, Emily!




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