Supply chains for elastic all over the world have been severely impacted, including If elastic is not available, we suggest the following ideas being used by other mask-makers to use in place of hard-to-find elastic:

  1. Buy 4-inch or 6-inch elastic and cut it into small lengths. It doesn't ravel; 
  2. Buy 1/2-inch bias tape or 1-inch bias tape. We do have those in stock. 
  3. Buy Prussian Tape. It comes in 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch. It is soft, but a bit stronger than the twill tape (which we are now out of).
  4. Some people have switched to 1/2-inch elastic and are cutting it in half. We still have 1/2-inch. 
  5.  Buy 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch twill tape – we have several thousand yards in stock. 
  6. Buy 1/16-inch elastic in pink or coral.  We have that in stock. 
  7. Make lycra spaghetti straps like on leotards
  8. Cut up tights.

Many of you have been calling and emailing about our two-inch elastic in lots of colors, to use for headbands to add buttons to so that medical personnel don’t have to wear elastic around their ears all day. We have tons of colors in the elastic(more than pictured) and buttons and buttoneers (for those in a hurry and those who don’t like to sew buttons!). Customer, DeAnn Sullivan, recently made these masks for her sister who is a judge & medical workers in her Mardi Gras group - the Divas.