Pictured: Sally's Tutu and Bodice made with Tutu.com products and expert advice. Dancers - Madison Braaksma @madison_ballet_braaksma & Joshua Nunamaker @jushua_nunamaker. Photo by Patricia Laine Photography @patriciasphotography.

Review By: Sally Braaksma, Customer
Review Type: Tutu.com Review

I needed to revamp a tutu that was made several years ago for my daughter. I had found a beautiful applique at a local fabric speciality shop that was meant for a wedding dress but I was having trouble finding a way to finish the tutu and make it coordinate with the bodice. I never realized how difficult it was to match gold tones.

Claudia at Tutu.com was extremely helpful in providing suggestions on how to accomplish my goal. After considering her suggestions, I ordered the Glitter Net with Rhinestones Fabric ( 60-inches Wide Gold/Lt. Colorado Topaz) and used it as an overlay on the tutu as well as the armbands.

What I love about Tutu.com is their willingness to help/answer any questions that you might have. Claudia always provides great suggestions and offers helpful advice when you have a question or need some specific sewing tips.