We recently received a lovely note from a TutuSchool Alumni. We love hearing how your TutuSchools Costuming Courses impacted your careers. Share your thoughts with us! 

I've meant for years to let you know that I felt like I learned more at tutuschool about patterning and drafting than I did in all of college.

The level of attention your classes paid to manipulating patterns and how to contour to the body was unparalleled in the theatrical patterning classes I took in school.  Actually, our final project senior year was supposed to be a pancake tutu but they changed it to something else my year because they were so impressed with the one I'd built under your tutelage and at my interview kept asking questions about the techniques you taught.

It's a lovely thing that you're sharing that knowledge with the world, and I am so grateful I got to study with you [Claudia Folts].