Pictured: Jocelyn tutu and bodice.

Review By: Jocelyn - Fort Worth, TX TutuSchools Attendee

Review Type: TutuSchool Seminar Review

I have been waiting for years to make time to go to TutuSchool and it was so worth my time and money!!

I took Dying to Dye, Classic Tutu and Bodice 1. When I first wanted to learn more about the classes, I called TutuSchool and they were able to answer all of my questions. They give you options of color and fabrics and will ask you for measurements of the dancer for whom you are making the tutu and bodice. You will also receive your supply list. I found that having the following items were very helpful: a notebook/pencil, rulers/cutting board/cutter/scissors, tape measure, needles hand/machine, pins, tape, a good amount of thread and a sewing machine that you know.

When you go to the classes you will receive you kit with fabrics (the fabrics are really nice and I will be ordering fabric for my next project from Tutu.com), booklet, and fabric notions to complete the project. You do work fully during the classes to complete the tutu and bodice.

It was really nice because at lunch everyone went out to lunch and you had time to learn about each other. It is wonderful to be in a class that everyone is there to learn and share knowledge.

Claudia does a wonderful job of teaching the classes. As the classes go step by step, Claudia will supply you with great tips, options for the future and easy/time saving tricks to complete your tutu and bodice. So much wonderful information!

I can't wait for my next round of classes. 

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