Pictured Susan Austin, TCU Costume Supervisor, MMe Peff Modelski and TutuSchools Founder Claudia Folts. Courtesy of King Douglas.

Review By: MMe Peff Modelski of PeffPointe

Review Type: TutuSchool Seminar Review

AS a lifetime professional ballet dancer, I have had the privilege to wear gorgeous tutus. Now [thanks to TutuSchools] I was able to learn how the insides were constructed. Well organized from start to finish!

Claudia is a clear, professional, very generous teacher and paid attention to each participant. Most of us had disparate levels of physical skills, with more ability in one area than another. Each of us felt as if we were successful and learned an enormous amount, even with the new use of machines.

So many industry tactics were shared to approach competent finishing of tutus that will last. Every kit was packed with precisely what we ordered. Each part of each day was set up so we were able to meet the goals.

The costume shop supervisor at TCU made us so welcome. The energy and excitement was palpable, and as the classes progressed the most wonderful creativity and finesse sprung out of each of us. This is the way to build a community. And very beautiful works of art for dancers to wear forever. Totally worth the time and money.