Elizabeth Hutchins Tutu.com Customer

Even though Tutu.com is a website driven business, there is always someone available to help you through product selections. Always very personal and perfect customer service!

Customer:  Elizabeth K. Hutchins, TutuSchools Alumni.

Business:  HOORAY Children's Store, NY.

Skill Level:  Intermediate.

Favorite Tutu.Com Product​:  Powernet! Have used this product for all the panties in my classical tutus and can tell it's going to last years even with wear and tear. I'd be hesitant to use anything else...

Encouragement for those who are new to costuming...  Practice continuously! You will forget all the steps involved and why you are doing them in a certain order!! If you have too many visions of what your end design is going to look like, take a moment to sit down and sketch a picture. It will help solidify where you are going in the 'design' process... which is different than the 'construction/ sewing' process.


Feature Photo - Nutcracker Marzipan Costumes.

Photo 2 - Marzipan Embellishment Detail.

Photo 3 - Snow Corps Headpieces & Updated 'Icy' Costume.