I love the personal nature of TUTU.COM. Not sure what you need? Call and ask. Need some advice, just inquire! They're always willing to support others in the industry. Claudia and her team honor those that came before by sharing what they were taught and what they figured out on their own. As a result, they help keep a very niche skill-set alive.

Customer:  Erin Heintzinger, Costume Designer and Costume Shop Manager

Business:  Point Park University and Team Redhead.

Skill Level:  Professional.

Favorite Tutu.Com Product​:  Plastic Tutu Hoop Wire: It is what brought me back to dance costuming after a near career ending injury derailed my professional life for a few years. I was asked by a dancer to make some crazy modern tutus and it reminded me how much I love doing this kind of work. It helped bring me out of a depressive funk as a result of my wrist injury and brought me back to what I love.

Encouragement for those who are new to costuming...  Costuming, like all fiber arts, are traditionally taught verbally.

Don't be afraid to ask questions of those you see creating in the world. Most of us had to have someone take the time to show us the ropes. We honor those that teach us by sharing what we know with the next group.

Never stop learning! If you want to learn a skill, design the need to use it. Then suddenly, you've got the time to learn it.


Feature Photo - Conservatory Dance Company of PPU, Choreographer: Mark Burrell, Photo: Katie Ging Photo.

Photo 2 - Dancers: Texture Contemporary Ballet, Choreographers: Alan Obuzor & Kelsey Bartman, Photo: Katie Ging Photo.

Photo 3 - Dancers: Terrell Rogers and Floyd McClean, Choreographer: Kiesha Lalama, Photo: Katie Ging Photo.