Tutu.com Feature Customer | Gina Laroff of Larova Tutus

The staff at Tutu.com are helpful and have always answered my questions. They have everything you could possibly need to create a beautiful tutu! 

Customer:  Gina Laroff, TutuSchools Huntington Beach, CA Alumni.

Business:  Larova Tutus.

Skill Level:  Advanced

Favorite Tutu.Com Product​: Stretch taffeta. It has a beautiful sheen, rich color, and perfect body. I love Claudia's tip to line it with powernet on the side panels of a bodice.

Encouragement for those who are new to costuming...   Three years ago, I started my tutu adventure by calling up Tutu.com and ordering The Classical Tutu Book and asking for all the materials and patterns I needed to make a white tutu for a La Bayadere variation. The instructions and assistance I received were amazing. The next year I attended their costuming seminar classes (Tutuschool), which provided even more information. I am glad I bought the book and tried my hand at a tutu before attending the seminar because I was able to ask more intelligent questions.

Featured Project:

I used Tutu.com's Fusion Tutu Instructions to make the, “not a romantic, not a classical” tutu pictured above. It was worn by Chamonix Bas dancing Le Travail from Coppelia in YAGP Competition 2019. The bodice includes black stretch taffeta from Tutu.com

Dance coach Stella Viorica wanted a skirt that was not a romantic, not an English bell, and not a classical tutu for Chamonix' Coppelia variation. I was stumped until I remembered the Fusion tutu pattern. I'd never made it before, but the instructions were superb, and both coach and dancer were thrilled.

I was more than excited to see my tutu on the YAGP IG feed!