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Customer: Sherry Drake, TutuSchools Alumni

Business / Organization: Greenville Ballet - Greenville, SC

Skill Level: Advanced

Favorite Tutu.Com Product​: TAG GUNS - save SO much time and effort with this! 

Encouragement for those who are new to costuming...  Don't get discouraged. This is not something you learn in a few days. Keep at it and you will surprise yourself at what you can accomplish. 

Photo Descriptions:

Photo 1, Above - My favorite costume I have made for Nutcracker. 

Photo 2 - 45 year old Snow costumes that have been re-worked - shows that quality work will last a long time. Just cleaned them and added a layer of sparkle organza and new bodice appliques and they look new. 

Photo 3 - 16-piece bodice and 19-layer, roll-hemmed faerie tutu that I made at’s TutuSchool (still a work in progress at time of photo).