QUESTION:  How do I spot-color specialty fabrics?  

TUTU.COM ANSWER:  More often than not, you will find the perfect lace or specialty fabric, but it is not the perfect color. Most can be found in white or ivory and can be easily dyed or “Spot-Colored.” This is a great way to get exactly what you want and often an even better result than you originally envisioned.

It is really very easy! Using either Design Master Spray Paint or Design Master’s Tint-It, OR an air brush, you can simply spray the wrong side of a fancy lace and/or beaded and sequined tulle or organza. The color shows through the backing. By spraying the back of the fabric, you are not covering up the sequins, beads and rhinestones! Then, you can take a paint brush and some fabric paints OR some permanent markers and color in parts of the design - flowers, shapes, corded embroidery, etc. - anywhere you want to accent. Once finished, you will have the perfect design to embellish your costume. Costume Shop Spot-Color Sample


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