Making a Classical Tutu with Soft NetsLately, we have noticed that some of the 54-inch net in certain colors are coming in softer than it used to be. We have noticed this on Peach and Emerald Green the most.


What can be done to keep your tutus well-supported when using soft net? Lots of things! Don’t waste your time looking for the Holy Grail of tutu net. Net in the US and many countries has changed over the years, often due to government regulation on harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, used in the past to stiffen nets.

Here are some suggestions from to help your classical tutus hold their shape:

1. The easiest fix is to add another piece of net into each row. The softer the net, the more net you need.

2. “Make” the colors by mixing soft tulle in with a neutral colored net like white or ivory, on every other layer. The light shines through the layers, reflecting the color, not the white or ivory.

3. Air brush white net or spray with Design Master Spray Paint.

4. Dip in starch or spray with Lacquer Sizing.

5. Mix with a few layers of the stronger, 60-inch net, or poly stiff net, or horsehair net in the middle layers.

6. Add a hoop

7. Double the hoop layer and the 2nd one from the top for better support. Official Model @briannaguagliardo IG
PC @schiavonegene IG // WEB