Thank you to all the young artists who participated in our Ballerina Coloring Contest! You brought color, cheer and design inspiration to us here at and our friends on Facebook and Instagram too! 

Even though our contest is complete, our Official Croqui Coloring Page PDF is still available to be printed and enjoyed. 

Contest Prizes:

Ages 0-9 Coloring Page Contest - Three randomly selected winners won our Mini Crystal Rhinestone Tiara

- 5 year old artist from MN
- 9 year old artist from VA
- 9 year old artist from VT

Ages 10-17 Tutu Design Coloring Contest - selected a winner based on the creativity of their tutu design.

- Congrats to Anniella, a 15 yr old artist from VT. Her inspiration was an aquatic theme in tones reminiscent of Monet’s Water Lilies for the River Variations in The Pharoah’s Daughter. She chose our Gold & Crystal Tiara for her prize.

This digital sketch / ballet costume croqui model / ballerina coloring page is based on our first official model, ballerina Peyton Anderson wearing's 6 piece bodice pattern design and classical tutu drawn by freelance artist Sarah Shaw. 

For those of you who don't know, the word croqui comes from French and means simply "sketch". The term is used in costuming and fashion.