Tutu.com and the USA-IBC Jackson, MS host a silent auction of professional ballet costumes and professional services, such as ballet photography, to raise funds for a dance scholarship.

The Scholarship Fund is administered by the USA-IBC and proceeds are presented to one of the ballet competitors on-stage during the awards ceremony. USA-IBC Jackson competitors can apply for the scholarship by writing a one to two page essay about what ballet means to them and how the scholarship would change/improve their artistic journey. Auction items will be on display in the Thalia Mara Theatre Lobby, and/or the Westin Hotel Atrium.

Alexa Torres, of the Dominican Republic, received the last Scholarship Award. Alexa is now dancing with Washington Ballet. A note from Alexa regarding what the scholarship meant to her...

The first word that comes to mind when I think about the moment I received the scholarship is “gratitude”. It is truly a blessing to be a Dominican ballet dancer, but it is definitely not a “one man job”.


There are moments in life that remind us of why we go through difficult times, why we sacrifice so much; and this was one of them. I knew the moment I heard my name called, that I could keep going. I had to keep going.Receiving this award was the beginning of a career I would have only dreamed of having…

I will always be grateful for the Scholarship made possible by Tutu.com & USA IBC. Their support showed me that hard work and a humble heart are enough. I am so excited to see the future recipients of this beautiful award!

A BIG Thank You to Our 2023 Donors:

🌟 Caroline Fagan of Handcrafted Tutus - Classical Tutu & Bodice
🌟 Karina Harris of Montutubykarina - Classical Tutu & Bodice, Contemporary Costumes, and Tutu Bag
🌟 Elizabeth Fancher of Tutucraft by Elizabeth - Tiara & Earrings
🌟 Catherine Zehr of Ballet with a Twist - Crystal Tiara
🌟 Chris Takashima of Much Ado Tutus - Classical Tutu & Bodice
🌟 Rebecca Flake of Much Ado Tutus - Prince Jacket
🌟 Sherry Drake of Tiaras for Tutus - 2 Tiaras
🌟 Tracy Ellen Franke of Ritual Designs - Aurora and Phillip Pas de Deux Pair
🌟 Carole Klinko, Costume Designer - Ribbon Candy Classical Tutu & Bodice
🌟 Andrew Bowen, Award-winning Dance Photographer - Photography Package
🌟 Melinda Roell, Costume Designer - Shepherdess Bell Tutu & Bodice
🌟 Elizabeth Ekey of Tutu Theatre - Classical Tutu & Bodice
🌟 Mary AlleyB Purtle of Maballet Costumes - Royal Blue Classical Tutu & Bodice
🌟 Tutu.com, Ballet Costume Shop - 2 Classical Tutu & Bodice, Tiara
🌟 Gabriela Oliveto of Tinker Tutu - Classical Tutu & Bodice
🌟 Tina Guard - Men’s Dancewear
🌟 TutuSchools Costuming Seminars
🌟 Leslie Cooper
🌟 Oh, Goodness - Fine Art Portrait Photography
🌟 Kevin Kreisz of Kiki Kouture - Stretch Tutu


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