Thank you for your interest in donating to the Project Tutu Silent Auction. Deadline to submit your Auction Donation Form for consideration is 2/28/23.

Please note, donations must be at our North Carolina office no later than March 15th in order to have your item photographed by us for the Online part of the Silent Auction. Being involved in the Online Auction will get you much more visibility than just the in-person Silent Auction will. If you cannot get your donation to us by March 15th, 2023, you can send a hi-res picture of your item to be included in the online auction, OR a photograph of your rendering/sketch of the design. and the USA-IBC host a silent auction of professional ballet costumes and professional services, such as choreography, to raise funds for a dance scholarship. Auction items are seen by hundreds of IBC participants, patrons and esteemed guests as well as online visitors across the ballet world. This is a great opportunity to increase exposure for your product or service! 

The Scholarship Fund is administered by the USA-IBC and proceeds are presented to one of the ballet competitors on-stage during the awards ceremony. USA-IBC competitors can apply for the scholarship by writing a one to two page essay about what ballet means to them and how the scholarship would change/improve their artistic journey. Auction items will be on display in the Thalia Mara Theatre Lobby, and/or the Westin Hotel Atrium.

Alexa Torres, of the Dominican Republic, received the last Scholarship Award. Alexa is now dancing with Washington Ballet. Donations from Much Ado Tutu, Tutus Celeste, Kiki Couture, Not Just Tutus, Tutu Theatre, Catherine Zehr, Arthur Oliver, Tutu Terry, On Pointe Tutus/Tutus Sur Pointe made her scholarship possible. Watch a video featuring last year's donations.

A note from Alexa regarding what the scholarship meant to her...


The first word that comes to mind when I think about the moment I received the scholarship is “gratitude”. It is truly a blessing to be a Dominican ballet dancer, but it is definitely not a “one man job”.


There are moments in life that remind us of why we go through difficult times, why we sacrifice so much; and this was one of them. I knew the moment I heard my name called, that I could keep going. I had to keep going.Receiving this award was the beginning of a career I would have only dreamed of having…

I will always be grateful for the Scholarship made possible by & USA IBC. Their support showed me that hard work and a humble heart are enough. I am so excited to see the future recipients of this beautiful award!

Our 2018 Silent Auction raised over $5,000. Let's beat it! | 
Claudia Folts, Event Organizer

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